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supernatural, game of thrones, marvel, lost, lord of the rings and the hobbit, pacific rim, parks and recreation, community. sometimes assassin's creed.

tom hardy, michael fassbender, sebastian stan, sam claflin, chris pratt

other things I like, but there's not much of here:
the hunger games, the walking dead, pushing daisies, once upon a time.


maddy, 17, australia

amature photographer, horse rider, tv show watcher, part-time explorer

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white collar, once upon a time, kings (nbc), community (s5)

a song of ice and fire, book 1

obsessed with:
a couple of windesters, tommy conlon, erik lehnsherr, finnick odair, peter quill, james ford, edward kenway, bucky barnes and gadreel.

gadreel + colours

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River Phoenix photographed by Bruce Weber, 1991

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River Phoenix   

2.04 Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things || Endless caps of Sam and Dean 6/??

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